Gamblings Legal Status In India Needs A Revamp

Although in India playing of cards and rolling of dice has been in existence since time immemorial, yet, one often comes across the debates on gambling on both legal and ethical fronts. It is also argued that the regulation of the industry will help protect users from fraudulent gambling apps and websites. Having legitimate and licensed betting websites and casinos will allow players to rest easy in the knowledge that they will not be conned out of money. A great example of this is countries like the UK, where online gambling has been formally legalized for years now. The Maharashtra government is now trying to regulate and legalize the sector, instead of deeming it illegal. Their theory is that since there is virtually no way to completely stop illegal gambling and online betting activities, it is better to formally mobilize funds by taxing the transactions. According to preliminary calculations, GST from online gambling transactions could collect around 2500 crores for the state government annually.

is online casino legal in india

The state government announced a ban on all forms of real money online games on September 2, 2020. International gambling sites that accept Indian players are a much better alternative to real-world casinos. Besides, India’s stricter gambling restrictions, moving money to foreign accounts, addiction, and other social problems have caused the online casino game real money scenario to shift offshore. Most online casinos enables you to try their games with fun-money so you know what you are to expect. Some casino sites also offer some free spins or free money without deposit, where you can actually win real money if you are lucky enough. One of these casinos are Casumo, where you’ll get 20 free spins to play with when you sign up.

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Now that you have understood the stance of online betting in India, verify the credibility of the online casino. Keep in mind to read the terms and conditions before investing any capital to stay safe and secure.

is online casino legal in india

There is no legislation in India prohibiting users from participating in online casino games. No worries, there is a platform where you can spend a reasonable amount of Indian rupees and get into the casino online on legal terms.

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Our team of online gambling experts has compiled explanations of each law below. Take a look for yourself on how these 3 laws apply to online casino gambling in India.

  • Therefore a lot of the offshore companies focus on catering to the Indian audience specifically, allowing transactions in Indian rupees along with multiple locally popular deposit and withdrawal options.
  • Nevertheless,interpretations of the lawsare ratherblurry, especially at this age of technology.Most States have accepted itwith an amendment to racecourse gambling.
  • Today, betting has gone online, with neat interfaces, embedded payment systems, dashboards to calculate odds, alert notifications and mobile applications.
  • To be fair, betting in India and the Indian subcontinent as a whole – be it in the form of online lottery, casino, or sports betting – is elaborate at best and convoluted at its worst.
  • While these are recognised banking methods, they may not be the most convenient for Indian bettors and casino buffs.

Yes, earnings from online gambling are taxable under ‘Income from Other Sources’ at a flat 30% + 4% cess, which comes to 31.2%. Also, the minimum exemption limit of Rs 2.5 lakh doesn’t apply to income from online gambling or betting. Any betting site that is based outside the country is legal and can engage players from India. But that is the point – for any operator to be considered legit and safe, it will need to be run from outside the country. That is why you won’t come across an Indian betting site headquartered within the country. But, in the larger scheme of things, online betting is legitimate, safe, and a prevalent activity across the country.


As the world of online casinos in India is quite unexplored, a natural response is to compare these online casinos before playing – which is exactly what we are here for. There are plenty of options allowing you to deposit funds in your online betting account. While these are recognised banking methods, they may not be the most convenient for Indian bettors and casino buffs. No legislation prohibits Indian bettors from indulging in online betting.

But it’s important that Indian gambling fans temper their enthusiasm with an element of caution. If you’re like most online casino players, you want to know that you’re playing safely. When it comes to offering a legal umbrella to poker, West Bengal provides a clear judicial diktat for real money gaming. The mind sport derives its legal basis from the West Bengal Gambling and Prize Competitions Act, 1957, section 2 , which explicitly excludes games like poker, rummy, bridge, and nap from the ambit of gambling. Online rummy operators were hit the hardest, and three rummy operators challenged the ordinances and the bill. Despite the legal challenges, the bill passed through the state legislative assembly and was subsequently approved by the state governor and President of India in October 2018. With this, games of skill like offline and online poker and rummy are not only considered illegal.

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Operating a gambling venue within the country is acriminal offenceand could lead to apenalty of 200 INRor imprisonment of up to 3 months. Being found visiting such a gambling house, on the other hand, could lead up to a penalty of 100 INR or imprisonment of up to 1 month. Skill based gambling is allowed in all Indian States except Assam and Odisha, where there is blanket prohibition on gambling itself, whether online or offline. Also, in Nagaland, these games are restricted to the online space where the websites need to be licensed by the State government. Overall, the introduction of casinos has been successful with reports of them contributing 135 crores INR to State revenue in 2013. On the other hand, the State governments have the power to decide what to allow and what to prohibit within their respective States. Further, according to Entry No. 62, the States also have the authority to tax events of betting and gambling.

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As gambling is legal in most states, you can go ahead and bet carefully while keeping an eye on your money. While there are no federal laws against online betting in India, it is always best to verify the state rules before indulging in online gambling. Pure Win is an Indian online casino and betting site, solely dedicated to the purpose of making it easier for Indian players to play casino games and bet online. Online poker is legal in Goa, and several top online poker sites, including Adda52, PokerBaazi, and Spartan Poker, are operating live poker rooms on-board offshore casinos.

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