Is Gambling Legal In India? Here’S All You Need To Know

Not only that, but as we mentioned earlier, India is one of the most sought out markets for the online casino industry. The government rarely penalizes its residents for registering and playing at foreign online casinos. Online gambling platforms also allow you to participate in sports betting activities. However, you have to be certain that the online gambling platform is not located in India to ensure you are not breaking any laws. It is a sigh of relief to know that no one in India has been punished for participating in online gambling activities. However, it does not mean that you can be loud and proud for participating in such events. Play discretely for your own safety because, up to this date, India’s take on online gambling is still uncertain.

  • In India, gambling is defined as an activity where you face the risk of losing or win money.
  • As the gambling industry continues to thrive, India might want to come up with a formal law that clearly specifies its take on online gambling.
  • This makes it impossible for the authorities to charge someone with online gambling when it is not even considered illegal.

Therefore, such businesses or activities aren’t protected as stated in Article 19 of the Indian Constitution. Although a good percentage is wagered legally on horse racing and lottery, a large amount is wagered on cricket and other sports via illegal and “technically illegal” channels. In this article, I’ll tackle the complex Indian gambling laws, including what forms of gambling are prohibited, which are explicitly allowed, and what grey areas still exist.

Need Of A Lawyer

To complicate the matter even further, the Indian Constitution explicitly grants the rights of the separate states to govern gambling in their territory. The Information Technology Act of 2000 is too broad to classify as an online gambling law, but it is mentioned here because some have attempted to do just that. While no specific mention of online gambling is ever made in the law, there is a portion of the language that some have tried sticking to online gambling. In India, there are 3 major federal laws that loosely apply to online gambling. These laws include the Public Gambling Act of 1867, Prize Competition Act and the Information Technology Act of 2000.

As per the Indian Constitution, betting/gambling is a state subject and each state has exclusive legislative competence to enact laws within the state. Most of the state legislations and the Public Gambling Act, 1867 were enacted prior to the advent of online gambling/gaming. and Varun Gumber vs UT Chandigarh Punjab and Haryana High Court has held that Dream II is not gambling.Issue of GST is kept open in Review Petition before Bombay High Court. The payment method you have shall be net banking via NEFT and IMPS, credit and debit cards, and Neteller and Skrill available to deposit and withdraw. To be 100% sure of the legitimacy of your actions, check out the local policies. To spoil it for you, the only part that bans online gamble is Maharashtra.

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The operator which offers gambling as a service and the customers who take part by playing on such platforms must be aware of what the Indian law says about online gambling. The Apex Court held that as long as the state does not conduct a particular class of lotteries, it may ban within its territory that class of lotteries conducted by other states.

The Curious Case Of Online Gambling Laws In India

Any income by way of winnings from a lottery or even a crossword puzzle or a card game or any other game exceeding INR 10,000 is subject to withholding 30% as tax , as per the Indian Income Tax laws. The state governments have the right to authorise lotteries within the jurisdiction and also lay down the tax clauses for the same, as per the lotteries regulation act of 1998. For example when a person plays poker online in India, tedious may be automatically deducted if they win, from their winnings. Furnishing or advancing money for the purpose of gambling to persons frequenting any such gaming house.

online casino in india is legal

Thus, online gambling even though is not expressly prohibited is regulated by various authorities. The person who opens a common gaming house can be imprisoned up to 3 years and can be liable for a fine of 5,000 rupees. The similar punishment extends to the individual who is found gaming in common gaming house. As per Indian Constitution gambling comes within State subject, however, the aforementioned central Act is applicable in all the States which do not have any specific gambling laws. Due to the recent health and safety precautions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, travel is currently very restricted. Given the situation, the best option for would-be casino gamblers based out of South India is to use online casinos. Quitting was never an option, which is why they took the help of the powerful internet and gave birth to online gambling.


India was still a British colony when out-of-control gambling led to the introduction of the infamous Public Gambling Act in 1867, and it has remained the primary gambling law in the country ever since. Many operators also offer a phone line, but you always have to check whether it is free for international customers and whether it works 24/7.

online casino in india is legal

The outcome of gambling is often immediate, for example rolling a dice, spinning a roulette wheel, a horse finishing a race et cetera. The outcome of gambling could also be long-term for example a future sports contest. We have several top-rated casinos in the country, and your goals and desires should determine the right choice. Choose one company featured in our authenticated list based on what you want to see in your provider regarding the number of features, quality of services, and any other desirable factors. People start as gamers, and some establish recognizable gambling brands while others opt to use unethical and appalling ways to earn by conning unsuspecting players. Therefore, only stick with legal casinos in India and always conduct prior background checks before investing.

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Several states and agencies are putting out white papers and rules but progress is slow and chaotic. The UK gambling commission mandates various kinds of information to be collected by online betting platforms for consumer protection. These include age and address verification, to prevent harm to children. One of the most popular examples of human irrationality is the ‘Gambler’s Fallacy’. Players believe that if a dice has not thrown up ‘6’ in the last few rolls, then its probability increases in the next roll, when in fact, it continues to be random. Somewhat similar to how people betting on cricket matches might expect a batsman to score a century, right after a series of ducks. With inconsistencies regulatory or legal framework, online gambling poses danger to users from the perspective of consumer protection and public health.

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